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Notarize Online.

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Nashua NH 03060

With online notarization through Proof, you don't need to drive across town to find a notary or hire a mobile Notary. Simply, upload your document, prove your identity and meet with an online notary instantly.

Virtual Notarization, RON, Remote Online Notarization, RON Signing

How It Works in

Nashua NH 03060

Getting a document notarized is easy. Simply upload your docs, verify your identity and you will be connected to a notary via an online meeting. Notaries on the Notarize Network are always online and available 24/7.

1. Upload or scan your document 

Upload the full document (not just the signature page) as a .pdf or .docx file. Don't have the file saved? Use your mobile phone to scan and upload the document as these requested files. 

2. Create a Proof account

Your documents and transaction details will be securely stored in your account where you'll also be able to initiate future notarizations and eSigns.


3. Verify your connection


A Wi-Fi enabled device with a camera is required for all notary meetings. Having a strong setup will ensure you are set up for success for online notarizations. 


4. Verify your identity


Proof uses identification verification technology to ensure secure transactions online. You'll answer a few questions about your past, like a soft credit pull, and take a photo of your ID, which they'll use to confirm your identity. 


5. Connect with a Notary, have your document notarized, and download the notarized document for repeated use. 


This all happens much quicker than in person signings. 



Virtual Notarization, RON, Remote Online Notarization, RON Signing
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