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Experience seamless e-recording of deeds nationwide with Online Document Services. Fast, secure, and accurate – we streamline the process, ensuring your documents are recorded promptly and error-free. Trust us for efficiency and reliability.

At Online Document Services, we streamline the process of e-recording deeds across the United States. Our advanced electronic system allows for the secure and efficient submission of deed documents to county recording offices. E-recording eliminates the need for physical paper submissions, reducing processing times and minimizing errors. Whether you're a real estate professional, attorney, or individual, our user-friendly platform ensures your deeds are recorded accurately and promptly. We comply with all legal standards and provide support throughout the process, ensuring peace of mind. Experience the convenience and reliability of e-recording with Online Document Services, where efficiency meets accuracy.

How It Works
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Affidavits & Agreements ​ Affidavit of Death: Declares a person's death affecting property. ERecording provides immediate public notice and record updates. Affidavit of Heirship: Identifies heirs for property transfer. ERecording ensures accurate and timely record updates. Affidavit of Survivorship: Confirms surviving owner's rights. ERecording facilitates swift and precise record updates. ​Affidavit of Title: Affirms property title status. ERecording ensures quick and reliable public record updates. ​Land Use Agreements: Govern land use terms. ERecording provides efficient and accurate public record updates. ​Lease Agreements: Outline lease terms between parties. ERecording ensures timely and precise public record updates. Subordination Agreements: Adjust lien priority. ERecording guarantees swift and accurate record updates.​ Modification Agreements: Alter existing agreements. ERecording ensures quick and precise public record updates.

Assignments ​ Assignment of Deed of Trust: Transfers deed of trust rights. ERecording ensures timely and accurate record updates. Assignment of Mortgage: Transfers mortgage rights to another entity. ERecording guarantees quick and precise public record updates. ​Assignment of Leases and Rents: Transfers lease and rent rights. ERecording ensures efficient and accurate record-keeping.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) ​ Declaration of CC&Rs: Establishes property use rules. ERecording ensures efficient and accurate public record updates. Amendments to CC&Rs: Modifies existing CC&Rs. ERecording ensures quick and precise updates to public records.

Deeds Deeds: Legal documents that transfer property ownership. Deeds can be eRecorded for efficient and secure submission to county offices. Warranty Deeds: Guarantee clear title to the buyer, free from any encumbrances. ERecording ensures quick and accurate public record updates. Quitclaim Deeds: Transfer interest without guaranteeing clear title. Easily eRecorded to expedite the transfer process. Deeds of Trust: Secure a loan with real estate as collateral. ERecording ensures immediate lien perfection and public notice. Trustee's Deeds: Used by trustees to transfer property ownership. ERecording facilitates faster and more reliable transactions. Grant Deeds: Transfer property and guarantee no prior conveyance. ERecording provides a streamlined process for public records. Special Warranty Deeds: Offer limited title warranty. ERecording ensures timely and precise recording in public records.

Easements ​ Easement Agreements: Grant access or use rights over property. ERecording ensures public notice and accurate record updates. ​Termination of Easements: Ends previously granted easements. ERecording provides quick and precise termination record updates.

Liens ​ Mechanic's Liens: Claims against property for unpaid work. ERecording secures the lien and notifies all interested parties promptly. Judgment Liens: Court-ordered claims on property for debt repayment. ERecording facilitates swift public record updates. Tax Liens: Claims by the government for unpaid taxes. ERecording ensures immediate public notice and lien perfection. Release of Liens: Documents releasing previously filed liens. ERecording provides quick and accurate lien release from records. Assignment of Liens: Transfers lien rights to another party. ERecording ensures seamless updates to lienholder information.

Releases Release of Mortgage: Confirms mortgage payoff and lien release. ERecording ensures immediate public record updates.​ Release of Deed of Trust: Confirms loan payoff and lien release. ERecording facilitates quick and reliable record updates.​ Release of Lien: Removes a previously recorded lien. ERecording ensures prompt and accurate lien removal from public records.

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