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Say Goodbye to Paper: Embrace the Speed of eRecording

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eRecording Easily From Nearly Anywhere

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency and speed are crucial, especially when dealing with important legal documents. That's where electronic recording, or eRecording, comes into play. eRecording is the process of electronically recording documents with the county's recorder's office rather than printing them out and delivering them by hand or mail. This innovative method offers numerous benefits, making it an indispensable tool for modern notary and legal services.

What is eRecording?

eRecording involves submitting electronic copies of original documents to the county recorder's office. This process eliminates the need for physical document handling, allowing for faster and more efficient recording. Once the documents are electronically delivered, they are either accepted or rejected, often within the same day, if submitted before the cutoff time. In many cases, this can be done within an hour.

Key Benefits of eRecording

Speed and Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of eRecording is its speed. Traditional methods of recording documents can take days or even weeks, as they involve printing, mailing, and waiting for the documents to be processed. With eRecording, most submissions are processed the same day and often within an hour. This rapid turnaround time is especially beneficial when document errors need to be corrected quickly. For example, if there is a missing Exhibit or Legal Description, it can often be added electronically without the need to leave and return to the recorder's office.

Reduced Physical Handling

eRecording significantly reduces the need for physical document handling. In scenarios where corrections are needed, such as a missing signature or an error in the document, these can be addressed electronically. This is particularly useful when coupled with Remote Online Notarization (RON), allowing for quick re-notarization of corrected documents.

Necessity of eRecording

Legal Requirements

In many counties, remotely notarized documents MUST be eRecorded. Traditional papered-out (printed) versions of RON recordings are often not acceptable for traditional recording methods. The original, encrypted PDF of a RON document can be easily emailed for recording purposes, whereas physical documents must be physically available to be able to be recorded. This means you can still use our services to record traditional documents. However, we must have them "in hand" before processing. This legal necessity makes eRecording not only a convenient option but often a required one.

Use Cases and Examples

Legal Documents and Real Estate are Ideal clients for electronic recording
Legal and Real Estate Documents - eRecord Easily

Real Estate

eRecording is particularly beneficial in the real estate industry. It is commonly used for filing deeds to transfer property, correct names, or move property in and out of trusts. The speed and efficiency of eRecording ensure that property transfers and corrections are processed quickly, reducing the risk of delays in real estate transactions.

Legal Matters

eRecording is also valuable for legal matters, such as filing affidavits and homesteads. The ability to submit documents electronically ensures that legal filings are processed promptly, helping to meet deadlines and avoid potential legal complications.

Our eRecording Services at Online Document Services

At Online Document Services, we offer comprehensive eRecording services. As full-service notaries, we can quickly meet with clients, should the need arise, to correct any potential errors in the documents. If another notary has served initially, we can re-notarize corrected documents for the client, ensuring a seamless process. Our unique selling point is our ability to provide more services with less downtime compared to other notaries who may only offer basic notarization.

Ready To Start eRecording?

Ready to experience the speed and efficiency of eRecording? Visit, call us at 702-809-3357, or email us at to learn more about how our eRecording services can benefit you. Let us help you streamline your document recording process today!


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